About Motifate

The Motifator's Story

Take a trip back to our childhood, we had a lot of dreams and goals, but how many came true? We gave ourselves excuses, we got busy, we did not have the right resources etc. But the truth was we did not plan to succeed and let life take over instead of taking over our own lives.

Amidst the uncertainty, instability and series of unfortunate events that swept across the globe in the early 2020. A trio of designers from Hong Kong decided it was time to take charge, bring control and stability back to your life. This was how Motifate was created.

The vision was simple, if we can inspire users to live a more productive lifestyle and become a better version of themselves. We all can be set on the path of getting closer to those childhood goals we once had and possibly lead the world to a better place.

Like creating a motif, developing healthy habits is the continuous action of completing and achieving one thing after another. Building changes will seem scary and overwhelming at first but Motifate is here to make things easier. We help you build routines, make plans, develop habits and stay focused on achieving your goals. We are your companion for anyone who wants to live a healthy and fulfilled lifestyle.

We are dreaming big, and the challenge is on you.