Keeping an Organised Home (Part2 - Lounge)

12 Aug

Are you one of those people who admire other’s homes for always looking like it’s from the pages of Architectural Digest? Do you find yourself scrambling around tidying your home before you have guests or the in-laws are coming to visit? The key is to be in the habit of keeping an organised home.

After the bedroom, the lounge or living as others might like to call it is another room you spend the most time. It is often the first room you see as you enter your house. Seeing a tidy lounge room whenever you come home will instantly uplift your mood and leave anything stress of the day out the door.


As William Morris said ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful’. Go through everything that you have and ask yourself that question, if something doesn’t serve any form or functional purpose then it is time to part with it. Do you have rows of clutter on your shelf? Are there more cushions than seat space on your sofa, it might be time to do with a few less.

Rugs and cushion

After you’ve thrown away the old rugs and rags it’s time to give the ones you decided to keep a good wash. They are easy to collect dust and breeding ground for dustmites. Steam cleaning is good for items that can’t be thrown in the wash. If you have large areas of carpets, get your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year.


Wipe your hands over the coffee table and what do you find? Untouched surfaces like table tops, windowsills and shelves will get covered in dust quickly, regularly wipe them so their true colours can shine. This will especially be beneficial to people who have respiratory problems and allergies.


Look out the window and can you see the neighbour’s house clearly or are the windows fogged up? This one is easy to put off especially if you live in an apartment but keeping your windows clear and cleaned will be an instant freshen up. Use scrunched up newspapers to clean stains without leaving any streaks.

Cover up

It’s easy to get scuffs marks and dents on walls and furniture, however restoring them to their former glory is also just as easy. Magic sponges cheap and very effective in removing stains from walls and you can buy paint markers from stationary stores in different colours to instantly cover scratches on furniture.


There is no better feeling than clean floors under your feet. The last thing to complete any cleaning routine is give the grounds a good vacuum. This will pick up all remaining dust and debris and regularly vacuuming is essential for maintaining personal hygiene

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